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"Hi, we just wanted to thank you for playing "Paint Me A Birmingham" and "Home Is Where The Hurt Is" by The Wild West Band. We really appreciate you and your great station. Thanks again for the airplay, Glenn Steed The Wild West Band"
The Wild West Band
Nashville TN

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Who's That Girl?

Sheri Blanks

Our country chick has been in the radio biz for 15 years. She grew up in Virginia and started playing
guitar at the ripe old age of 4.

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Jennifer Cook
Jennifer Cook

As Int'l Membership Director for the Independent Country Music Association (ICoMA), I am responsible for driving new membership, and the support of existing members by offering feedback, organizing events, workshops, and facilitating partnerships. There are so many ways the ICoMA helps singers, songwriters, and musicians. It's my job,and my pleasure, to see that they are well taken care of!

As the Music Coordinator for the show, I listen to, filter and screen hundreds of songs and artists to chose quality independent country music to be played on Country Dreams. I am honored to have been chosen to fill Ronnie Lee's seat!

I'm just me. I work hard, sleep some, and try to have fun in between. I love TN, have too many hobbies to list and hate driving. When I'm rich I will have a personal driver. :)

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Al Shephard
Al Shephard
Producer & Co-Host

Al started this journey as a mobile DJ and webmaster of WBTN. In 2007, he volunteered his equipment to the local teen club, Knapps Underground, handling both lighting and sound engineer duties.

In 2008, he created Bennington Rocks, a music show featuring unsigned pop/rock artists, on 1370 AM WBTN.

During 2009 many exciting things happened. He launched You Space Radio, a 24/7 internet station to promote unsigned artists. He also expanded Bennington Rocks to two hours, adding karaoke singers and unsigned country artists. This led to some aspiring artists asking for his help, so he started learning the music business and discovered his love of writing Country lyrics. He also became friends with many talented songwriters, including Ronnie Lee Hurst. 2009 ended with Al becoming a full-time employee at WBTN, pulling multiple duties as Station Technician, Music Programmer, Production Editor, Board Op, and Host. This full schedule meant something had to give, so both "Bennington Rocks" and "You Space Radio" went on indefinite hiatus.

In 2010, Al threw out the idea that although they were 3,000 miles apart, Ronnie and Al should host a new show devoted to independent country artists and singer / songwriters.

On January 1st, 2011, Al founded the Independent Country Music Association (ICoMA) to further promote the indie country artists.

In 2012, Al moved to Nashville to establish the National HQ for the ICoMA.

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Country Dreams has gone on indefinite hiatus effective 8/1/2013. Thank you everyone for 3 1/2 great years! To continue to promote your music consider joining the Independent Country Music Association (ICoMA) at

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Buffalo Gals
Bad Bob Rohan